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CDA ~ Anaheim Convention Center


California Dental Association ~ The Art & Science of Dentistry ~ Anaheim Convention Center ~ Anaheim ~ CA

James Worthy, NBA Hall of Fame LAKER, was signing autographs at the California Dental Association’s annual super-conference in Anaheim. If you have ever wondered all there is to know about dentistry, this is the convention for you. Find Lakers, free pens and toothpaste, drilling demonstrations and even wine tasting. The “Barcelona On The Go” food truck, known to serve a mighty tortilla española, was parked out front for Friday’s “Party In The Plaza”. As one would expect from a group dedicated to bringing out your best smile, the CDA is a busy buzzing marketplace of conviviality and all the things you’d expect to find in a dental office, and then some.

The California Dental Association, more commonly known as CDA, is a non-profit organization representing dentists in California. Founded in 1870, CDA supports its members in their practices in service to their patients and the public through innovation in education, advocacy and related programs. CDA also contributes to the oral health of Californians through various comprehensive programs and advocacy. CDA’s membership consists of nearly 25,000 dentists in 32 local dental societies throughout the state, making it the largest constituent of the American Dental Association.

CDA holds its biannual convention, CDA Presents The Art and Science of Dentistry in Anaheim and San Francisco each year. The meetings, which are considered some of the largest dental conventions in the country and the largest on the west coast, offer lectures, technical exhibits and the opportunity for dental professionals to fulfill continuing education requirements. – wikipedia