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Stevens Garden ~ San Juan Capistrano


Stevens Garden ~ 27401 Ortega Highway ~ (949) 481−2632 ~ Open ​8 am-5 pm 7 days a week ~ San Juan Capistrano

Stevens Garden, less than a mile from the Ortega Hwy exit off the 5, displays one of the most extensive selections of pots and garden fountains you will find anywhere in Southern California. Trails throughout the property wind below the lush canopy alive with bird song and reveal fish ponds, fountains, and troves of pottery stacked upon pottery. The visuals are wondrous and tranquility is the feeling. You might say that here you can allow the pot to find you. In addition, the kind crew running Stevens Garden maintain a quality selection of succulents for sale. One of the highlights of their collection is an array of benches and chairs, more like thrones, fashioned from re-purposed tree stumps. Let your imagination go wild.