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“Less Is More” @ As Issued ~ Costa Mesa


“LESS IS MORE” ~ Photographic Landscapes by Mason Joseph Brown ~ As Issued ~ The Lab ~ 2930 Bristol St. #A102 ~ Costa Mesa

Opening Reception: Saturday, March 2nd 7pm-10pm
On View: March 2, 2013 to March 30, 2013

As Issued will be featuring Mason Joseph Brown as he focuses his artistic energy in a fine art direction. Mason is most recognized for founding Arkitip magazine and for his creation of Cardboard Robot, a politically charged street wear apparel line that also repurposes cardboard into creative furniture designs. The collection that Mason is presenting at As Issued is partially built from his interests as a photographer, as well as his background in silk screening, manipulating both process to achieve a unique perspective. His minimalistic approach toward materialistic ideas is reflected in his work, but his complicated personality and deeply rooted beliefs makes this show one of a kind. Mason introduces this show by saying, “LessĀ is more, the simplest things are always the ones that people remember the most. Sitting around a campfire, in water or the snow, being in nature. In the elements. Having good culinary cuisine or listening to music, being with friends and family. Generally no logos are involved. Less is truly more!” Freedom comes from being free from consumerism, and logo saturated environments. True happiness lies in the value that personal connections and natural environments bring. His work is a documentation of those experiences.