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Salsa Party & Show ~ Costa Mesa

Esteban Conde ~ Danscene Dance Studio ~ 2980 Mcclintock Way Suite A & B ~ Costa Mesa

Our first ever Salsa Party for Students and their friends: Everyone is welcome!!

 Danscene Dance Studio
2980 Mcclintock Way # A
Costa Mesa, CA 92626
Friday April 13 from 8-10:30pm
This is a dress to impress party. So dress as if you are going out and come ready to dance salsa and have fun.

8-9pm Salsa Class with Esteban & Marisa for all levels, so invite your friends to join in. We’ll start with a warm up and teach a fun and easy to dance move.
9-9:30pm Open dancing
9:30-9:45pm Dance Show numbers:
Esteban and Marisa (Salsa)
Esteban and Tali (Tango)
Marisa and Allen (Tango)
Sean and Shirley (Tango)
Jerry and Sandra (Salsa)
9:30-10:30pm Open dancing!
*Complimentary Alcoholic and non alcoholic punch, water and carbonated drinks
*Complimentary Snacks
*Everyone is welcomed to join so invite aaall your friends. This is for all ages.
*Don’t know anyone? We’ll make sure to make you feel welcomed, introduce ourselves and then to the rest. I promise you will have a blast!
$15 per person

 To view pictures, updates and videos of our salsa classes and boot camps, go to www.facebook.com/ocsalsa and click like!
Any questions call Esteban at 949-8130412 or Marisa at 949-267-8751
Look forward to see you there!