Remember ~ Garden Grove


Chapman & Knott ~ Remember ~ Susan Salisbury Spoeneman ~ Garden Grove

Susan’s classmates in the decorative arts each created a ceramic piece towards the creation of this mosaic in her memory.



Sender One ~ Santa Ana


Sender One Climbing ~ 1441 S. Village Way ~ Santa Ana

Sender One is a 25,000 sq.ft. indoor rock climbing facility designed by renowned rock climber Chris Sharma. Experience indoor rock climbing on 50 ft. high walls, bouldering with cushy ground cover below to fall back on, and the gravity defying spectacle of teamwork, bonhomie, and total body animation as people everywhere traverse the surface like spider monkeys and formics. Mental and physical natures fuse as climbers gauge the puzzle of features and holds, moving at their own pace into a rhythmic expression of form and function.

On June 15, Sender One, owned and designed by Chris Sharma, opened in Santa Ana, California. The facility has more than 25,000 square feet of climbing surface and walls up to 50 feet tall, with a yoga studio, fitness center, and adjustable/movable walls.



Stevens Garden ~ San Juan Capistrano


Stevens Garden ~ 27401 Ortega Highway ~ (949) 481−2632 ~ Open ​8 am-5 pm 7 days a week ~ San Juan Capistrano

Stevens Garden, less than a mile from the Ortega Hwy exit off the 5, displays one of the most extensive selections of pots and garden fountains you will find anywhere in Southern California. Trails throughout the property wind below the lush canopy alive with bird song and reveal fish ponds, fountains, and troves of pottery stacked upon pottery. The visuals are wondrous and tranquility is the feeling. You might say that here you can allow the pot to find you. In addition, the kind crew running Stevens Garden maintain a quality selection of succulents for sale. One of the highlights of their collection is an array of benches and chairs, more like thrones, fashioned from re-purposed tree stumps. Let your imagination go wild.



Saving The Fire Pits ~ Huntington Beach


Huntington State Beach ~ H.B.

Petitions: SaveTheSouthernCaliforniaFirePits,

“Simply put, we are talking about unelected bureaucrats trying to ban a cultural and historical tradition in our local communities.” – H.B. Assemblyman Travis Allen

The AQMD Board has voted 7-6 to impose new restrictions on Southern California beach bonfire pits. Read more about the decision here.

The South Coast Air Quality Management District, “Cleaning the Air We Breath”, and giving environmentalism a bad name. No thanks to the AQMD, a puny coalition of Newport Beach/Corona Del Mar residents, and an already discredited and disgraceful council of “public servants” known as the Newport Beach City Council , public recreational activities will be curtailed by new restrictions on the distribution and location of fire pits located within 700 feet of homes. Doheny State Beach will be most affected by the new restrictions, which will take effect in March, 2014.



Olas ~ Laguna Beach


Thomas Mathew Chambers ~ Laguna Beach

Big Tree ~ Orange


S. Glassell St. ~ Orange


Arts In The Park ~ Costa Mesa


Estancia Park ~ Costa Mesa

Arts In The Park, sponsored by the Costa Mesa Cultural Arts Committee, feautured live mural painting, face painting, a costume booth, live music from the All American Boys Chorus, and more on a sunny day in May. Artists painted wooden panels for the City of Costa Mesa’s 60th Anniversary celebration starting on Friday, June 28th.



Baladi Poultry ~ Midway City


Baladi Poultry ~ 8261 Bolsa Ave. ~ Midway City

Baladi Poultry is not a pet store, it’s a slaughterhouse offering live chickens, pigeons, quail, duck, turkeys and rabbits. Have them butcher the bird to your specs or pick up a side of chicken fat. Stepping through the front door, one has the feeling of entering the waiting room of a doctor’s office; prescription death. A little boy chats to a herd of caged bunnies while his father browses a broad selection of Tampico spices and waits for a chicken to be freshly diced, Halal style. A tall window looks into a room stacked with cages of exotic fowl and buff chickens feeding on grain and water.


O.C. Brew Ha Ha ~ Silverado

O.C. Brew Ha Ha ~ Oak Canyon Park ~ 5305 Santiago Canyon Road ~ Silverado