Tito’s #3 Tacos Al Vapor ~ Orange


Taco’s Al Vapor ~ 1948 N. Tustin St. ~ Orange

Taco’s Al Vapor shreds. Start with some carne de res tacos al vapor. The tacos are swaddled in salsa proof parchment paper. Not that these oiled and leathered tortillas need a jacket, but it does keep it together. Apply these squeeze bottles liberally as a juicy vapor over the shredded beef. The paper case channels the red river sauce run into your palm, soon to stream up your forearm like taco gangrene.



El Taco Vaquero ~ Santa Ana


El Taco Vaquero ~ 222 E. Warner Ave. ~ Santa Ana

Welcome to this church of taco, El Taco Vaquero, located in the Delhi neighborhood of Santa Ana and cornered in a mini-mall island of local commerce including a laundry-mat, pastry bakery, liquor shop and others. It looks right, and it tastes right. El Taco Vaquero’s atmosphere of soft refracted greenhouse light, clean cool tile floor, pictures of far away places with green pastures, and home styled decor creates an easy feeling for you to survey the promising menu.



Mr. Albert ~ La Habra Heights

Mr. Albert Mexican Food ~ 701 E. Whittier Blvd. ~ La Habra Heights

Mr. Albert features the lunch crowd favorite, Albert Burrito, the official baton of the burrito olympics. This carne asada heavy weight is cased in a sturdy, tanned & tantalizing flour tortilla. Grilled onion and pepper innards weigh in to deliver a food coma inducing lunch round.