Plaza Buena ~ Buena Park


Buena Park Historical Society ~ 6601 Beach Blvd. ~ Buena Park



Historia ~ Fullerton


Downtown ~ Fullerton


Among Heroes ~ Santa Ana


Among Heroes ~ by Carlos Jaguar Aguilar ~ La Chiquita Market ~ 902 E. Washington Ave. & Custer St. ~ Santa Ana



Chinese Pioneer King ~ Anaheim


China King ~ Pioneer Chicken ~ 3456 W. Lincoln Ave. ~ Anaheim


American Vintage ~ Huntington Beach


American Vintage ~ 201 Main St. #C ~ (714) 969-9670 ~ Huntington Beach

Feeling Katy Peryy-ish? This vintage clothing store has the feeling of a trendy boutique more than a gently used clothing store. The space is visually exciting- bags, boots, wigs and jewelry strategically arranged amongst the clothing. There are many name brands and styles from a previous era at reasonable prices. A great place to find a treasure!



Alex Odeh ~ Santa Ana


Alex M. Odeh ~ Santa Ana

Born into a Palestinian Christian (Latin Rite) family in Jifna, the West Bank, Odeh immigrated to the United States in 1972.He was a lecturer and poet who had published a volume of his poetry, Whispers in Exile.

The Boston office of the American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee suffered a bombing on August 16, 1985, injuring two officers.The Santa Ana bombing came the day after the ending of the Palestinian Liberation Front–sponsored Achile Lauro attack in which Jewish American Leon Klinghoffer was killed.The night before his death Odeh denied to the media that the PLO was involved in the hijacking and portrayed Palestinian leader Yassir Arafat as being ready to make peace.The day of his murder he had been scheduled to speak at Friday prayer services at a synagogue in Fountain Valley, California.

Shortly before his killing, Odeh appeared on the television show Nightline. The program featured a back-and-forth between Odeh and a representative from the Jewish Defence League, a Jewish armed militant organization which has been characterized by the FBI as a terrorist group involved in numerous attacks within the United States. – wikipedia


60th Anniversary Celebration ~ Costa Mesa


City of Costa Mesa ~ CA

The City of Costa Mesa celebrated its 60th Anniversary over the weekend with a bonanza of fireworks, food, art, cars, and fun. Highlights included live painting by the likes of Mando, a classic car show, and a surprise appearance of Foo Fighters’ Dave Grohl with the band Chevy Metal.







Wax On! ~ Huntington Beach Surf Museum


International Surfing Museum ~ 411 Olive Ave. ~ Huntington Beach

The world’s greatest exhibit on the history of surf wax is currently showing at Huntington Beach’s International Surfing Museum. Highlights include the world’s largest bar of surf wax, a recreation of a 60’s era wax shop, and a mesmerizing collection of wax assembled by Zuma Jay. The museum is getting ready to remodel the exhibit area, and the wax collection was recently bought by an actor (Cast Away), so don’t miss a chance to revel in the recent past. Catch this feast for the imagination this weekend in H.B.



Pacific Electric Red Car ~ Seal Beach


Red Car Museum ~ Pacific Electric ~ Seal Beach

Pacific Electric, also known as the Red Car system, was a privately owned mass transit system in Southern California consisting of electrically powered street cars, light rail, and buses and was the largest electric railway system in the world in the 1920s. Organized around the city centers of Los Angeles and San Bernardino, it connected cities in Los Angeles County, Orange County, San Bernadino County and Riverside County.wikipedia