Plaza Buena ~ Buena Park


Buena Park Historical Society ~ 6601 Beach Blvd. ~ Buena Park



Scuttled ~ Trabuco Canyon


Queen Anne’s Revenge ~ Like Oak Canyon Rd. ~ Trabuco Canyon



Gold Brick ~ Fullerton


200 W. Santa Fe Ave. ~ Fullerton


Sender One ~ Santa Ana


Sender One Climbing ~ 1441 S. Village Way ~ Santa Ana

Sender One is a 25,000 sq.ft. indoor rock climbing facility designed by renowned rock climber Chris Sharma. Experience indoor rock climbing on 50 ft. high walls, bouldering with cushy ground cover below to fall back on, and the gravity defying spectacle of teamwork, bonhomie, and total body animation as people everywhere traverse the surface like spider monkeys and formics. Mental and physical natures fuse as climbers gauge the puzzle of features and holds, moving at their own pace into a rhythmic expression of form and function.

On June 15, Sender One, owned and designed by Chris Sharma, opened in Santa Ana, California. The facility has more than 25,000 square feet of climbing surface and walls up to 50 feet tall, with a yoga studio, fitness center, and adjustable/movable walls.



Rehab 1904 ~ Huntington Beach


M.E. Helme Antiques ~ (714) 960-1902 ~ 517 Walnut Ave. ~ Huntington Beach

“Matthew E. Helme, a member of the first Board of Trustees in Huntington Beach. Serving also as its fourth mayor,  he played a significant role in the formation and settlement of this sea side town. He moved to Huntington Beach in 1903, living in this house…”

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